jCustomer Mailchimp Connector

December 14, 2022
The following connector is deprecated. You can now use Jahia Stackconnect for all your customer data integrations. Stackconnect is easier to use, maintain and provide a lot more features than the connector described below.
Note: Marketing Factory is renamed to jExperience in version 1.11 and Apache Unomi is renamed to jCustomer. The 1.10 documentation has been updated to reflect the product name change.

This extension provides three rule actions:

  • Add a visitor into a defined Mailchimp list.
  • Remove a visitor from a defined Mailchimp list.
  • Unsubscribe a visitor from a defined Mailchimp list.

jCustomer ​Configuration & Deployment

Please follow the instructions in the Unomi Mailchimp documentation.

Rule configuration

Once the connector is installed in jCustomer, you can go to the Rules UI in jExperience and you will see the new actions available in the action list:


In the above example we have setup a rule to add a visitor to a MailChimp list when he reaches a certain goal (in this case filling a form).