Upgrading to Unomi 1.3.4

March 6, 2023


  • Read all of the instructions on this page carefully before proceeding with the upgrade process.
  • Run a pre-production test first.
  1. Backup your Unomi-1.3.3 instance (in case you run Unomi in cluster, backup the whole cluster)
    For a detailed description to backup Unomi please follow the section How to backup jCustomer on this page
  2. Stop the existing modules of Marketing Factory
  3. Stop Unomi-1.3.3
  4. Download Unomi-1.3.4 from jExperience customer center and install it
  5. Apply all your custom configurations to the new Unomi-1.3.4 instance
  6. Start Unomi-1.3.4 ./start command in the operating system shell.
  7. Connect to the jCustomer Karaf SSH shell using an SSH client such as in the following example (default password karaf):
    ssh -p 8102 karaf@localhost
  8. Start jCustomer (only needed when running Unomi-1.3.4 for the first time).
  9. Start Marketing Factory modules on your Jahia instance.