Marketing Factory 1.10.2

November 11, 2022

Marketing Factory 1.10.2 is compatible with Unomi Jahia 1.3.3 and DX

Marketing Factory 1.10.2/Unomi 1.3.3


  • Server side rendering for content personalization and optimization tests, including:
    • Server side rendering is now set by default for personalization and optimization tests
    • Ajax rendering option has been removed
    • Client side rendering is available as an option
    • Preview panel has been updated to match this behaviour
    • JavaScript event dispatch for analytics integration has been updated

Bug fixes:

  • The file org.jahia.modules.marketingfactory.settings-sample.cfg is not deployed anymore to avoid confusion about active configurations
  • Editing a campaign changes the URL
  • Variant is set as fallback when an optimization test is edited

Known issues:

Following components, including in "Marketing Factory components" modules are not yet compatible with Marketing Factory 1.10.2: Personalized Banner, Personalized Carousel, Personalised List, Personalized Slider