Previewing changes

May 31, 2024

Thanks to Jahia, at any time you can see how your site looks in Preview and Live modes, even see how the site looks for certain users, compare preview and live versions, and more.


When a site (a page, a content) is edited, changes apply in the default workspace. When a site (a page, a content) is published, changes are replicated from the default workspace to the live workspace. It means that the content is copied from one workspace to another.

As a consequence, editors sometimes need to request a preview of their changes to validate what those changes will look like once published, even though the Jahia editing environment already provides a close rendering of what it will looks like. Also they may need to see the site as it is published now, meaning as it is visible for visitors.

Accessing Preview

Editors access preview by clicking on the Preview button. The preview will render the site with all the content updates by will remove all information and graphic items that are necessary to perform the edition work (buttons, areas, lists…)


Accessing Live

To view your site as it is currently published (and accessible to visitors) click on the Live button


Preview for different users or devices

To access a preview with advanced parameters like viewing it for a particular user, you must switch to Page Composer and follow this procedure, as the customized preview is not yet available in Page Builder (Jahia 8.2.0)