About StackConnect

November 14, 2023

Welcome to StackConnect

StackConnect extends the integration of jExperience with the rest of your technology stack, allowing you to connect to the data in the Jahia Customer Data Platform (CDP)  jCustomer. With more than 250 connectors to cloud and on-premise applications, StackConnect helps you build automated workflows that trigger based on events or schedules to help you update external systems about visitor activity, or keep your visitor profiles up to date.

  • Update the latest Jahia segment information of a visitor into your CRM system contact information as soon as it happens
  • Trigger a Slack notification based on a goal conversion by a visitor
  • Update properties of your visitor profiles in jExperience based on external survey responses to improve your personalized experiences
Prerequisite: Before jumping into Stackconnect, Jahia highly recommends users to get a good understanding of the data model of jCustomer

Connector / apps available

New apps and updates to the Jahia connector for StackConnect are announced via the customer center (jExperience > StackConnect).


There are 3 Jahia apps that are available on Workato:

  • Jahia - jCustomer 1.4.x
  • Jahia - jCustomer 1.5.x, 1.6.x 
  • Jahia - jCustomer 2.x 

It is not possible to update from one app to another. When changing jCustomer version, it is required to edit your recipes and change the app.


In case of updates of each app, they are directly available inside workato. To update the connector in your account, you can follow these steps:

  • Login to Jahia Stack Connect
  • Go to the page Connector SDK
  • Click on the connector you want to update: Jahia 7.3 or Jahia 8.0
  • Click on the button Update connector:
    update connector.png
  • Validate the new connector with your recipes.
  • When ready, click on the button Release latest version