jExperience 2.10.1

March 27, 2024

jExperience 2.10.1


  • Addressed a security vulnerability in jExperience administration UI

jExperience 2.10.0


  • Added two configuration entries (adminTimeoutInMilliseconds, asyncTimeoutInMilliseconds) to configure the timeout of the async HTTP client.
    • adminTimeoutInMilliseconds defines the timeout when calling jCustomer from  jExperience back-office UI,
    • asyncTimeoutInMilliseconds defines the timeout for triggering a callback following an async API call to jCustomer.
  • Added a “wemmix:experiencable” mixin to support adding experiences on content that is not of type “jmix:droppableContent”. 


  • Prevent installation of jExperience 2.10.0 on Jahia, please use jExperience 3x instead.