jCustomer 1.5.4

November 14, 2023

jCustomer 1.5.4 is compatible with jExperience 1.11.3+ (Jahia 7.3.x) and jExperience 1.12.x/2.x (Jahia 8.x) along with Elasticsearch-7.4.x.

How to upgrade to jCustomer 1.5.4 instructions are available:

jCustomer 1.5.4

jCustomer 1.5.4 is the latest version of jCustomer which is compatible with Jahia 7.3.x and Jahia 8.x

Release notes

See also release notes of Unomi 1.5.3 and 1.5.4

Security fix


  • Merge Profiles On Property Action Fails Without session
  • Stop jCustomer in case of an error which its cannot recovery from
  • Can't create segments
  • Delete Segment has an error
  • Default allow-list for expression filter not properly loaded from config
  • Implement PropertyConditionEvaluator hardcoded property accessors
  • Wrong classloader used in MvelScriptExecutor

New feature

  • Support_addValues


  • Introduce double value to condition parameter
  • Optimize past event queries
  • Cookie profile id should be SameSite=Lax