jExperience 2.0.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 2.0.0 is compatible with jCustomer 1.5.x and Jahia 8.+.

jExperience 2.0.0

jExperience 2.0.0 is the latest version of jExperience which is compatible with Jahia and comes with a fresh and more Jahia-8-like header styling for all your jExperience panels and a number of bugfixes. 

Improvements and new features

  • Styling and layout improvements on the header sections of all jExperience panels to provide a consistent layout
  • Wem-profile-id cookie is now set to strict
  • jExperience data collection is now compatible with tag manager (see: Using jExperience tracker with a tag manager)
  • ... please see the full changelog on

Bug fixes