Upgrading to StackConnect 3.0.0

November 14, 2023

StackConnect introduces compatibility with jCustomer 2.x and its updated data model.

As part of this data model update, fields available under the "properties" object have been relocated to a new object called "flattenedProperties.fields", This field relocation impacts primarily the "view" and "form" events.

This guide shows you how to update your recipes to make sure recipes that are using these fields will work after you’ve migrated to jCustomer 2.x.

You can find information on how to update your connector here: /cms/{mode}/{lang}/sites/academy/home/documentation/end-user/jexperience/2.x/stackconnect/about-stackconnect.html.

Update your Recipes

Before starting, make sure you have updated your copy of the connector

  1. If a recipe doesn’t use any “properties” fields, you don’t have to modify it.
  2. If a recipes does use them follow the next steps to update the recipe.
  3. Click on “Edit recipe” to right of the recipe view screen.
  4. Click on “Refresh” at the top right
  5. You should see errors in the mappings (maybe refresh the browser if they don’t appear right away) since the fields have been moved.

    Basically the fields were moved from: 

  6. Click on “Remap” on the fields to change it, or simply remove the existing mapping and replace it with the new location.