jExperience 2.1.1

November 14, 2023

jExperience 2.1.1 is compatible with jCustomer 1.5.6+ and Jahia 8.0.2.+.

jExperience 2.1.1

jExperience 2.1.1 is a hotfix release of jExperience which is compatible with Jahia 8.0.2.+, it provides minor improvements and bugfixes. 


  • Added academy link in tracking information page
  • Updated dependency check of jExperience to jCustomer (requires jCustomer 1.5.6+)
  • Added icon for personalizations and AB tests in jContent


  • Page views tracking on external sites: Ignore URL parameters in the property destination URL and collect page path in the path property instead of the full URL.
  • Return to correct site after refreshing a page in jExperience (not always switch back to default site)
  • Fixed custom form mapping to not break when adding a value without name
  • Changed google map and unomi keys to be password fields 
  • Fixed console error "wem is undefined"
  • Fixed enabling consent on a site
  • Fixed control variant on pages
  • Fixed import scoring plan in jExperience from Jahia module