Upgrading from jCustomer 1.5.x to jCustomer 1.5.4

November 14, 2023

Migrate jCustomer from 1.5.x to 1.5.4+

Read all of the instructions on this page carefully before proceeding with the upgrade process.
Custom scripting and security:
jCustomer 1.5.4 introduces a new allow-listing system that only executes expressions and scripts that have been previously vetted. For compatibility reasons, jCustomer comes packaged with default allow-lists of expressions that should cover all the built-in use cases. If you are using custom plugins/extensions that include rules that use expressions (MVEL or OGNL), please refer to the scripting security instructions in chapter 3.8 of the Unomi documentation. In case you are not sure if these instructions apply to your installation, feel free to contact our support team.
Apply the instructions on a preproduction environment first
Perform a full cluster backup/snapshot of the source clusters. For more information, please refer to how to backup jCustomer.

Note that these instructions are the same for any jCustomer target version above 1.5.4 (so e.g. also for 1.5.6 or 1.5.7). Just replace any mention of 1.5.4 with your desired target version and execute the following migration steps.

  1. Stop the existing modules of jExperience
  2. Stop jCustomer-1.5.x
  3. Download jCustomer-1.5.4+ from jExperience customer center and install it
  4. If needed, apply the custom scripting and security instructions mentioned above to the new jCustomer-1.4.4 instance. 
  5. Start jCustomer-1.5.4+ ./start command in the operating system shell.
  6. Connect to the jCustomer Karaf SSH shell using an SSH client such as in the following example (default password karaf): ssh -p 8102 karaf@localhost
  7. Start jCustomer (only needed when running jCustomer 1.5.4+ for the first time). unomi:start
  8. Start jExperience modules on your Jahia instance