jCustomer 1.5.6

November 14, 2023


jCustomer 1.5.6

jCustomer 1.5.6 is the latest version of jCustomer which is compatible with Jahia 7.3.x (jExperience 1.11.3+) and Jahia 8.x (jExperience 1.12.x and 2.x) along with Elasticsearch-7.4.x.

In case you are migrating to jCustomer-1.5.6 from a jCustomer version lower than 1.5.4, please consider also the step specific to migration to 1.5.4 in your migration procedure.


Release notes

For full changelog please see release notes of Unomi 1.5.5 and Unomi 1.5.6

Security fix

  • Fixed log injection vulnerability 


  • UpdatePropertiesAction overrides the strategy with hardcoded “alwaysSet”
  • Fixed bug in property condition evaluator
  • Fixed update of event's profile id when merge

New feature

  • Segment update in Bulk with retry for failures
  • Create generic action to copy properties to profile


  • Replace servlets contextservlet and eventCollector by rest endpoints
  • Improve the action used to increment interests and make it generic