Monitoring jExperience

November 14, 2023

jExperience includes its own probe for Server Availability Manager (SAM), to monitor the connection status with jCustomer. More details about SAM can be found in this page on the Academy.

jExperience SAM probe is available with jExperience 2.6.0+ and 3.2.0+.

About the probe

The probe monitors the connection between jExperience and jCustomer, it will return a RED status in the following situations:

  • jCustomer is unreachable
  • jCustomer is not started
  • jCustomer is not able to reach Elasticsearch (unreachable, not started, misconfigured)
  • jCustomer version is not compatible with jExperience

The probe integrates with all of the other SAM probes to provide a global health status, across all probes.