jExperience 2.8.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 2.8.0


  • Introduced an extension point to intercept requests going through jExperience proxy (for example to encrypt data on the fly)
  • Introduced a mechanism to prevent crawlers/robots from generating events or profiles
  • Improved documentation of the asExperience GraphQL node
  • To prevent an accidental upgrade to the next major version of JExperience, introduced a mechanism to prevent this action until a configuration parameter is removed
  • Removed unnecessary dependency to Apache Tika


  • Allow the use of the persona panel even if deactivateJSExecution parameter is set
  • Fixed an issue resulting in personalization events sent when using preview mode 
  • Fixed alert on campaign page
  • Fixed an issue with fallback logic with client side rendering personalization
  • Fixed an exception in segment count when date is invalid
  • Fixed an issue preventing creation of a page visit goal under a new page label
  • Fixed an issue with the file picker in the goal creation page