jCustomer 1.5.7

November 14, 2023


jCustomer 1.5.7

jCustomer 1.5.7 is the latest version of jCustomer which is compatible with Jahia 7.3.x (jExperience 1.11.3+) and Jahia 8.x (jExperience 1.12.x and 2.x) along with Elasticsearch-7.4.x.

In case you are migrating to jCustomer-1.5.7 from a jCustomer version lower than 1.5.4, please consider also the step specific to migration to 1.5.4 in your migration procedure.


Release notes

For full changelog please see release notes of Unomi 1.5.7 


  • Fixed missing profileID on segment condition validation
  • Changed validation exception logging level from error to debug
  • Fixed integration tests, e.g. on 'pageViewEventCondition' when executing personalization integration tests and fixed NullPointerException with corrupted rules on integration tests

New feature

  • Provide a daily reevaluation of segments that contains date expressions


  • Allow to specify the place of the coordinate properties in GeoLocationByPointSessionCondition