jExperience 1.12.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 1.12 is compatible with jCustomer 1.5.1 and Jahia 8.+.

jExperience 1.12

jExperience 1.12.0 is the latest version of jExperience which is compatible with Jahia 8.0. Jahia 8.0 comes with new navigation and advanced out-of-context editing for your jExperience content.

New features

  • In jContent, you can now edit personalization and AB tests with jExperience editor
  • You can now open jExperience editors from Page Composer for adding content experiences (AB Test and personalization)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed copy & paste of pages as variants on AB tests and personalizations
  • Now httpclient closes correctly in case of failure on asynchronous HTTP calls (to avoid "Too many open files" issue)
  • Fixed exception on GraphQL queries when requested field is not referenced (unrecognized field exception on personalizations)
  • Fixed ability to create AB tests or personalizations inside folders
  • Fixed increment on campaign engaged profiles
  • Fixed dialog search bar layout to prevent overlaying on content
  • Support added for data-generator with jCustomer and JDK 11

jCustomer 1.5.1

jCustomer 1.5.1 is the latest distribution of jCustomer derived from Apache Unomi 1.5.1