jExperience 2.1.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 2.1.0 is compatible with jCustomer 1.5.6+ and Jahia 8.0.2.+.

jExperience 2.1.0

jExperience 2.1.0 is a minor release of jExperience which is compatible with Jahia 8.0.2.+ and provides new features and bugfixes. 

New features and improvements

  • Implemented new way to extend jExperience navigation dynamically from modules
  • New feature to copy landing page URL parameters to profile properties
  • Ignore robots and spider from traffic count


  • Fixed geolocation forwarding on download and login event
  • Correctly engage profiles in segment when creating. a segment with time based conditions
  • Fixed increase of total count on segments when using AND conditions
  • Fixed Page AB test confusion with personalized subpages
  • Removed workaround adding page view as the latest events
  • Fixed back button which was not working in certain cases after editing personalizations
  • Fixed CsrfGurad error for jExperience consent used in forms
  • Fixed issue when deleting a fallback variant
  • Fixed column selector menu in profile page
  • Fixed filter by condition in segments and lists
  • Fixed title of user list in segments
  • Fixed alphabetical order in columns names
  • Improved rule triggered when remove/update control variant
  • Added nonce to allow correct usage of Content Security Policy
  • Fixed display of campaign parameters
  • Fixed refresh button on AB test report
  • Fixed console error "wem is undefined"
  • Fixed enabling consent on a site
  • Fixed control variant on pages
  • Fixed import scoring plan in jExperience from Jahia module