jExperience 2.3.0

November 14, 2023

jExperience 2.3.0

jExperience 2.3.0 is maintenance release bringing compatibility with Jahia It is compatible with jCustomer 1.6.0.

New features

  • Introduced a new personalized list feature
  • Added the support for nested personalizations and AB Tests
  • Updated personalization event to add control groups information
  • Introduced customizations to enrich the jExperience data layer
  • Added the ability for a developer to provide Unomi groovy actions with their module


  • Added the ability to segment, score & personalize based on click events
  • Added the ability to map hidden fields in HTML forms
  • Added support for negative scores in scoring plans
  • Added the ability to build conditions based on relative dates (for example: now-3d)
  • Generate user-friendly IDs when creating segments, scores and lists
  • UI Improvements to the scoring plan, personal panel, condition builder
  • Added a search capabilities to the scoring plans dropdown and profile properties selector
  • Change default view for scoring plans on profile panel
  • Display event type in the condition builder
  • Added support for content-type restrictions set by a cnd for AB tests or personalized content
  • Display jCustomer key in jExperience settings page
  • Renamed jExperience Metrics Dashboard to "Goals" and cleaned the screen.
  • Make jExperience compatible with the updated security filter released in Jahia
  • Added support for non-existing tags and categories in the condition builder
  • Added helper for the “wemmix:deactivateJSExecution” mixin
  • Automatically select the display strategy when creating a personalization
  • Updated jExperience to be compatible with Jahia Token per page (future feature in Jahia)


  • Fix an issue allowing read-only values to be modified in a profile
  • Added warning messages when saving optimization test with missing required fields
  • Added a missing error message when traffic total is not 100% in AB Tests
  • Fixed various UI bugs in the personal panel
  • Fixed consistency in french translation for scoring plan / plan de notation
  • Fixed an issue with selecting the “GreaterThanOrEqualTo” operator for a profile property condition.
  • Fixed scoring dropdown in condition builder
  • Fixed label consistency in tracking information page
  • Fixed button content type restrictions in personalizations and AB tests
  • Fixed selection of a form field in form mapping
  • Fixed a UI bug when using the page picker in the goals page
  • If jExperience is not enabled on a site, ensure the back-office would not show the jExperience menu for that site.
  • Added missing translations
  • Fixed labels showing an extra dot in the UI
  • Improved error message when adding special characters in interests
  • Prevent rules with empty actions to send warnings to jCustomer
  • Fixed a usability issue with a large number of scoring plans
  • Fixed error message when editing a paste reference personalized component


  • Removed ability to create personalizations and AB tests from jExperience back office.
  • Removed internal searches, referrers, incoming searches and most visited pages view. These features have been replaced by the kibana-dashboards and jExperience-dashboards modules.
  • Removed the analytics tab. These features have been replaced by the kibana-dashboards and jExperience-dashboards modules.
  • Removed jexperience.jcustomerCookieDomain since it became unnecessary with recent versions of jCustomer.