Data and Relationships

November 14, 2023

About Data in jCustomer

Jahia allows you to customize digital experiences through jExperience and the customer data platform, jCustomer (powered by Apache Unomi). Data about your visitors is collected through sites and applications using jExperience, or populated from external systems using StackConnect. 

The way it works is:

  1. Every “visitor”, human or machine, has a PROFILE
  2. Every “visit” is recorded as a SESSION
  3. Every “action” taken by each “visitor” during a “visit” is recorded as an “EVENT”

jCustomer Data Overview

The majority of the data you will use in StackConnect will come from New and Updated Profiles, or from specific Events, but it is useful to understand how it is all connected and what is available to be used in your triggers and actions.

  1. Profiles - describe the most recent known information about a visitor, they are populated through sessions, events and StackConnect updates.
  2. Sessions - describe the duration of each visit as well as the contextual information of the visitor at the time of the visit.
  3. Events - describe each action of the visitor during a session, events may trigger profile updates.

Data relationship high level diagram