View event

November 14, 2023

View Event Details

A view event is caused when  visitor arrives on a published page or screen during a session.

For a page or screen view to occur at least one page or screen must be PUBLISHED from your Jahia system and at least one visit must occur.  To create a view event from Page Composer, create and publish a page, click Preview and select Live.



Target Description
Profile Id Id of the profile for the visitor who caused the event.
Item Type For a page view the item type will be a page/node
Scope Scope of the page being viewed?




Variant If the page has been personalized, the content variant name will be available
Template Name Applies to websites, the page will be based on a template
Language Applies to translated sites, language of the content 
Destination URL URL of the page/screen
Page Id Unique identifier
Node Type Eg. A page
Page path Path of the page/screen in the CMS hierarchy
Page Name Name of the page/screen in the CMS
Referring URL The page/screen referring URL
Is content template Yes/No
Categories Any categories the content belongs to, these are configured by the site admin
Tags Tags used in the page for SEO and searchability