Session created event

November 14, 2023

Session created event details

This event is not in jCustomer 2 anymore. It can still be used by custom rules if needed.

The session represents a period of time during which a visitor is active, it contains information about the visitor and the context of the visitor's activity.  For more information see Sessions.

The session created event will be triggered at the beginning of EVERY visit to PUBLISHED content on your Jahia based site or application, for this reason it should be used with caution as the volume of events could become very high.

Property Description
Page Information  
Page Variant If the page has been personalized, the variant will be available
Page Language Language of the content (for translated content)
Page Id Unique identifier
Page path Path of the page/screen in the CMS hierarchy
Page Name Name of the page/screen in the CMS
Referring URL The page/screen referring URL
Session Id Unique identifier for the session
Scope Site or application
Profile ID Unique ID generated by Jahia System

A complete copy of the Profile and its values at the time of the session creation.

This copy of the profile can be used to access a snapshot of the profile at a point in time.

Refer to Profile for more information.