Managing consent policies

November 14, 2023
jExperience consent manager is fully deprecated since version jExperience 2.0. It will be removed in future versions.

The Consent Manager helps you to create consent types, referred to in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as processings. Once defined, these consent types can be displayed to the relevant visitors, to ask for their consent as required by the GDPR requires.

If you want to know how to disable jExperience data collection using a consent management platform or a tag manager, you can refer to Using jExperience tracker with a tag manager.

Creating and editing consent types

To access the Consent Manager, navigate to jExperience>Projects>Consent Manager.


For each consent type, you can: 

  • See statistics
  • Edit the consent type
  • Delete the consent type


Asking consents from visitors

Through a popup

If you're an administrator, you need to ensure that the jExperience components module is deployed on the site. Once it is deployed, ensure that the privacy manager is deployed on the page or on the template. If you're not an administrator, ask your IT team to deploy the required module and add it to the wanted page. 

Once the module is deployed and running on the site, you'll find the ability to ask consents to visitors through Content Editor. When editing a site or a page,  in the options, the menu "Consents (GDPR)" will be displayed and it is possible to select the consent(s) that need to be asked to the visitors.


In live mode, when the visitors will see the page (or any page if the consents have been configured at the site level), a popup asking for the consent will be displayed and the visitor will have to decide to consent or not. It is not possible to "postpone" a consent, a decision needs to be made. 

Below is an example of how the popup looks like. 


Through forms

As a marketer, you may also ask for the consent of the visitor when he's submitting a form. This feature is not currently available but will soon be added to the jExperience / Forms bridge.

With custom integration

If your organization requires another type of consent collection, your IT can either use our privacy manager as a codebase to build its own implementation or contact Jahia customer solutions.

Consent type statistics

Once your visitors consents, it is possible to see what percentage of them:

  • Were never asked to consent
  • Consent to the consent type
  • Did not consent to the consent type

Please note that you can filter the statistics doughnut to hide one of the value, as per below: