Profile Data

November 14, 2023

About the profile

The profile contains all the properties that you have configured in jExperience Property manager as well as computed values based on how you use jExperience. StackConnect provides you with access to profile properties as well as a new and updated profile event.   To understand how the your profile information is populated, consider the following:

Visitor properties  

First name, last name, pets and more, this information is visible in Properties manager,  can be extensive and will be unique to your Jahia system. 

  • Information collected is based on your configuration of user logins, user forms, social media account linkages etc
  • Information aggregated external sources using Jahia StackConnect. 250 + sources include files, CRM and martech systems, databases and more.

Current Visit Information

This is information specific to the current visit (session). Commonly available information from the visitor browser will tell you about the following:

  • Location (by country or by point)
  • Session duration (how long they stayed on the site)
  • Device Category (eg. desktop, mobile, tablet, anonymized,unknown)
  • Session properties ( operating system, previous page, referring page etc)

Computed information

Properties in the profile can be updated based on rules and event activity. It is possible to define many conditions in the Jahia system to score and categorize users, define goals and track campaigns.

  • Profiling - Segments, lists, scoring plans
  • Behavioral - Interests, pages viewed, campaign engagement, goals matched, time events
  • New/Returning - status of visitors who are identifiable

Profile Example.PNG

The profile object

As an object in jCustomer, the profile has a unique profile id, it stores property information as well as IDs that you can use to look up addition information.  There is a set of related objects for the profile which includes  Consents, Segments, Scoring Plans, Lists, Interests, Goals & Campaigns.

profile and related objects.PNG

Note: A Jahia system can operate multiple sites or applications and will merge profiles that appear to be the same visitor based on the rules you configure.

Using profiles with StackConnect

In StackConnect, with Jahia 8.0 and higher, a new or updated profile triggers an event. This event is very useful to trigger automation flows centered on individual visitors because it contains the most recent information about the visitor based on their interaction with your site(s) and application(s). For more specific information on content performance a number of events are also available, see Events.

For profile information to be available in StackConnect you must have at least one Jahia based site or application with at least one visitor.

Properties Available
Property and Type Description StackConnect
Profile Id (Data Pill)
  • Unique ID generated by Jahia System, can be used to lookup historical information using Get object by Id to search the session object.
Profile ID Data Pill

Segment IDs (List Pill)

  • Text values based on segment name. Segments will be populated only if a visitor has met the criteria for one or more defined segments.
  • Dynamic Segments are defined in jExperience> Profiling Tools.
Scores (List and Data Pills)
  • Scores in a profile can contain one or more sets of values stored as lists.
  • Within the list are individual data pills for the text value of the name and the numeric value of the score. 
  • Scores will be populated when at least one scoring plan is defined and at least one visitor belongs to that plan.
  • Scoring plans are defined in jExperience>Profiling tools.


Goals (List Pill)
  • Goals in a profile will be stored as a list of text value ID based on the goal name in jExperience.
  • Goals will be populated only if you have a Goal defined in jExperience and have a visitor who has reached that goal.
  • Goals can exist for multiple sites so it may be necessary to use the Get object by ID with a single value from the Goal list pill to lookup the scope.
  • Goals are also related to campaigns, to get the Campaign ID use Get object by ID in your recipe with the Goal Id.
  • Goals are created in the Metrics>Dashboard of jExperience.
Lists (List Pill)
  • Lists in a profile will be stored as a list of text value IDs based on the name of the static list in jExperience.
  •  Static lists will only be populated if you have at least one static list, with at least one visitor profile linked.
  • Static lists are manually created by you in jExperience>Profiling Tools.
Properties (list in datatree)
  • Profile properties are where you will see most of the descriptive data about a visitor.
  • Properties  can be numerous and vary based on your configuration of jExperience.
  • By default, a list of properties including first name, last name etc will be created by jExperience and visible in StackConnect.
  • Properties can only exist if you have at least one visitor in the system, it is preferred to have at least one known user when testing recipes to ensure values retrieved are as expected. The full list of properties can be viewed in the jExperience>Global>Audience>Profiles.
Consents (List Pills and Data Pills)
  • Consents  contain one or more sets of values stored in a list
  • Set of values include
    • Text values for Scope, Type Id, Status of the consent eg.Granted/Revoked.
    • Date values for : Status Date, Revocation Date
  • For consents to be populated a consent type must be created in jExperience>Consent Manager, added to a content element in Content Editor and responded to by a visitor. 
Interests (List Pill and Data Pills)
  • Interests contain a list of name and value pairs for each interest assigned to a visitor.
  • Interest values will be populated when you have created at least one interest for one content item on your page/site AND that item has been seen by at least one visitor.
  • Interests require jExperience to be active for the site/application, but are created on content using Content Editor.
Page View Counts (List Pill and Data Pills)
  • Page view counts contains a list of scope and count pairs for a visitor to each site/application in Jahia
  • They represent the total number of pages or screens viewed for each site or application.

With the exception of properties, if Scope information is needed for profile information, use the Get object by ID with the field provided (Segment ID, Goal ID etc) to access the Scope information from the specific Object.

For developers seeking more detail refer to Apache Unomi Documentation.