Key concepts in StackConnect

November 14, 2023

StackConnect user interface

StackConnect gives you a user-friendly interface for creating connections and recipes that will automate workflows and move data to connect your Jahia digital experiences with the rest of your organization's technology stack. StackConnect supports a wide array of applications and data sources for CRM, productivity, martech, and more.

StackConnect Top Bar

StackConnect terminology


A connector defines the mapping of data between the end point system and Jahia StackConnect. Connectors make it easy to navigate the data and events in the systems you work with and use them to automate processes. The connections you create store the location and credentials of the system being accessed. 


A recipe is a no-code way to define a workflow for your automation process. Recipes can have complex expressions, iterators (for each...)  and conditional logic (if, then, else...) that can execute based on schedules, triggers, and polled intervals. 

For example:
When a visitor downloads a document, compare the email address of the visitor with known leads and add a new lead IF the the email address is not found.  


Note: A recipe needs at least one connection and all recipes you build with Jahia StackConnect must include Jahia as one of the connections per the terms of your contract.

For recipe examples go to Learning Resources

Trigger Events

The trigger events available in StackConnect are dependent on the version of jCustomer in use. 

The Jahia 8.0 connector has two types of trigger events available for use in your recipes:

  1. New or updated profile event (Jahia 8.x only)
    This event is useful for triggering recipes based on changes to the profile. 
  2. The New event (Jahia 7.3.4.x and Jahia 8.x)
    This is a series of events that are useful for triggering recipes based on specific things that happen in your Jahia based application, such as:
    • Page/Screen views, File downloads, Internal searches
    • Logins, Consent modifications, Forms submitted
    • Goals converted, A/B tests selected
    • Sessions created
      list of trigger events
To learn more go to Events

Steps and actions

When a trigger event occurs, an action is what your recipe tells StackConnect to do next.

Jahia specific actions include:

  • Add profile to list
    Adds an existing profile to a Static List
  • Create or update profile
    Creates a new profile with properties or update the properties of an existing profile
  • Get object by ID
    Can be used with the IDs in your profile, or from specific events, to lookup additional information that is specific to any of the objects in Jahia
  • Search for profile
    Lets you search for one or more profiles using specific property values

List of actions for Jahia

You can have multiple steps and actions in your recipe. This is where you can start to define complex expressions, iterations, and conditions.

multi step recipe with conditional logic and iterator

Data Tree

The data in your recipe displays to you in a data tree. Each Step has output fields that differ based on the event or action in use.

App data tree

In the data tree for each step output, you will see two types of objects, data pills and list pills. Each of these is used in specific field types as you build your recipe.

Data and Data Pills

Individual items used in your actions come from the datatree and are called data pills. When supplying input values to actions data pills can be used in data fields.

Data Pill and Data Field

Lists and List Pills

Some actions require lists of values as input, these are identified with a different icon. When working with lists of values you can use an iterator to work with the values one at a time, or an expression to look for a specific value.

Input list and list pill

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