Goals reached event

November 14, 2023

Goal reached event details 

A goal is a rule you create from the jExperience>Projects>Metrics>Dashboard interface, its purpose is to monitor for a specific interaction by visitors.  

create new goal.PNG


For a goal reached event to provide data you must have at least one goal configured and active in your Jahia system on PUBLISHED content, and that goal must be reached by at least one visitor. Goals reached will have source information as well as target information.

Property Description
Source This is the information about the source event that triggered the goal. Use the event id, scope and item type to look up additional information about the triggering event if needed. For example: A download event could be the trigger for a goal.
Event ID The unique id of the event that triggered the goal. eg. a downloaded file, a form submitted
Item type The type of event that triggered the goal, built-in goal types include click on link, download, form, funnel, landing page, page visit, video
Scope The site/application that the event came from
Campaign ID Campaigns are linked to goals. Use the Get object by ID action with Campaign Id to look up additional information about campaigns  
Goal ID Additional information about primary goal, start event, target event etc is available, to lookup use the Get object by ID action with Goal ID.  
Name Name of the Goal  
Description Description of the Goal  
Scope Site or application