Key concepts

November 14, 2023

jExperience Terminology

This section introduces you to key concepts and explains tools and features that are widely used across jExperience.


  • Personalization - allows you to tailor content for website visitors to improve their experience by anticipating their needs and providing relevant content. In Jahia you can add a personalization to a content element such as an image or header, or personalize a whole page. 


  • AB Test - allows you to compare variants of your content or pages by displaying them randomly to visitors and determining which one brings more conversions for a defined goal.


  • Variant - alternate content for your personalization or AB Tests. For example, visitor A would see one header image, and visitor B would see a different header image on a given page.


  • Fallback variant - content that will display if criteria for a visitor does not match an existing variant in your personalization.


  • Control variant -  default content against which other variants will be compared in your AB Test


  • Persona - a fictional visitor with predefined properties, based on your knowledge and assumptions, that can be used to test the visitor experience.


  • Goal - An action that you want your visitors to perform on your website, such as filling out a form, buying a product, or downloading collateral. Define goals to track conversions across your sites. 
  • Conversion rate - Percentage of visitors who completed a goal compared to the total number of visitors who visited your website. 
  • Campaign - a marketing activity that will drive traffic to your website: an advertisement, email, or any external link. Track your campaigns in jExperience to understand if the traffic from a given campaign drives conversions or not.
  • Referrers - the source of your traffic, in other words, the last web address accessed by a browser prior to loading a particular the first Jahia page of a visit (landing page).
  • Incoming searches - The search term, or set of words, that a user enters in a search engine before accessing your website. Note: This information isn’t always provided by the search engines.


  • Conditions - logical expressions that are evaluated with a visitor profile data to produce a true or false result.
  • Conditions builder - used in jExperience to create segments, personalizations, and scoring plans. You create relationships between conditions using AND or OR operators to create precise and complex queries. You can find more information about conditions in the "creating conditions" page.
  • Segment - subset of all your visitors that shares certains characteristics, like properties or behaviours activities. Segments can be used for analysis or personalization.
  • Scoring plan - gives a score to visitors depending on their properties or behaviour. Scoring can be used to evaluate if a prospect is ready to buy something and is usually referred to as “lead scoring”. 

Customer data

  • Profile  - The complete set of data known about a given visitor. Includes visitor properties, behavioral information, contextual information for each visit, and classification information.
  • Event - An interaction between a visitor and the digital touchpoints that jExperience monitors. Some events are collected by default each time they occur, such as a session start or page visit. Other events are collected only because they have been explicitly requested by you.
  • Profile property - one of the fields tracked by Jahia for every profile, for example, first name or last name.
  • Interest - a property or score you can assign to pages in Jahia. Interests are aggregated for each visitor profile in the format tag:scoreValue. For example, football:10, sport:5.
  • Consent - Agreements granted or denied by visitors to collect different types of data about them or give you the permissions to use that data.