Tutorial: creating a recipe

November 14, 2023

Create a recipe in StackConnect

Jahia Stack connect works with jExperience and jCustomer to connect you with the rest of your technology stack, from productivity tools and databases to a broad selection of backoffice and martech applications.  Use StackConnect to build automated workflows that trigger actions throughout your stack based on events in Jahia, or update profiles in Jahia based on events and data from across your stack.

Before you begin

To create or use this recipe example you will need:

  1. A Jahia system with jContent, jExperience and jCustomer configured with at least one page and at least one recorded visitor
  2. A StackConnect login with the Jahia connector for your version of Jahia and a connection to Jahia from your StackConnect account
  3. A Slack account and a connection to Slack from your StackConnect account.

Ready to begin?

To learn more go to StackConnect and StackConnect Key Concepts in the Academy.

What you will learn

In this tutorial you will create a recipe that listens for an event in Jahia and triggers an update in an external system.

Creat a recipe that will send a message to Slack using the new or updated profile event, include the email address, first name and last name of the visitor.

Recipe:profile update event

Creating and testing a recipe with Jahia StackConnect

The StackConnect interface is designed to enable a no-code experience to create workflows.  

To follow the steps in this example, login to your StackConnect account at www.workato.com and select Recipes from the top menu. To skip ahead click here to access a pre-built recipe.

Create a recipe

Click Create a new recipe

create new recipe


Choose an event

Every recipe begins with an event.  Choose an event to kick off your workflow:

  1. Type Jahia in the App search bar and select it.
    Search app connections
  2. Select the trigger event: New or updated profile. Click Next.
    Select trigger event
  3. Select your jCustomer connection from the list (or create one). Click Next.
  4. Setup the trigger : Choose the earliest date & time that you want to look at events from, this lets you catch up on past events if you want. Click Next.
    setup trigger

Choose an action

Every recipe has one or more jobs to do, for this recipe you want to send a message through Slack.

  1. Choose Slack and select the Post Message action. Click Next.
  2. Select your slack account, or create a new one. Click Next
  3. Select a slack channel to post to
    choose a slack channel
  4. Add some text to the Basic Text area, click and drag in the data pill for each of the fields to be sent to slack, First Name, Last Name and Email. Click Finish
    drag data pills to basic text field
  5. choose recipe action

Click to Test your recipe.
click to test recipe


Congratulations!  You have built a recipe.  To see the pre-built solution click here.