About jExperience permissions

November 14, 2023

Six permissions are included with jExperience. Like other Jahia permissions, they need to be configured in Jahia administration and associated with roles. To add permissions to roles, go to Administration>Server>Users and Roles>Roles and permissions.

Note: Beginning with jExperience 1.12 (released with Jahia, permissions are split into permissions to access global jExperience features and permissions to access jExperience features related to your project.

Permissions for global features

Permissions to access jExperience global features must be associated with server roles. Server roles are found at the bottom of the Roles and permissions page.


When editing a server role, go to Permissions on whole server>Server administration and scroll down to jExperience permissions. The following new permissions can be defined to access jExperience global features:

  • Access to jExperience global menu
    Access to global jExperience features including profiles, personas. To be added to a server role only.
  • Use jExperience integrations
    Can use jExperience Integrations (Rules, Import/Export). To be added to a server role only.
  • Configure jExperience
    Can configure jExperience (properties manager, see connection to jCustomer). To be added to a server role only.
Warning: jExperience global permissions can be selected and added to edit or site roles, but permissions are not applied. Instead you must add the global permissions to a server role.

Built-in role: digital marketer

When installing jExperience, a server role is added to the Jahia platform named digital marketer. This role has the 3 global permissions mentioned above (Access to jExperience global menu, Use jExperience integrations, Configure jExperience).

Permissions for jExperience global features

This table shows the permissions required for jExperience global features.

Location of feature Name of feature Permission required
Global    Access to jExperience global menu     
  Audience    Access to jExperience global menu
  Visitors  Access to jExperience global menu
  Personas  Access to jExperience global menu
  Integrations        Access to jExperience global menu
  Rules  Use jExperience integrations
  Profiles export  Use jExperience integrations
  Profiles import  Use jExperience integrations
  StackConnect  Access to jExperience global menu
  Settings    Configure jExperience
  Connection to jCustomer       Configure jExperience
  Properties manager  Configure jExperience

Permissions for project related features

Permissions to access jExperience project related features need to be associated with edit roles or site roles

When editing the edit or site role, go to Permissions on current site>Other permissions and scroll to Edit mode.

  • Access jExperience
    Can access jExperience features at the project level.
  • Add jExperience AB Tests
    Can add AB Tests on pages and contents. Can define AB Test goals and access AB Test reporting.
  • Add jExperience personalizations
    Can add personalizations on pages and contents. Can edit the variant conditions.

In Permissions on current site>Other permissions, scroll to Site admin.

  • jExperience - AB Testing on template
    Can add AB tests on content and page templates

Permissions for jExperience project features

This table shows the permissions required for jExperience project related features.

Location of feature Name of feature Permission required
 Personalizations and AB tests   Add jExperience AB Tests
Add jExperience personalizations
  Site metrics   Access jExperience
  Site dashboard Access jExperience
  Internal searches Access jExperience
  Incoming searches Access jExperience
  Referrers Access jExperience
  Most visited pages Access jExperience
  Campaigns tracking Access jExperience
  Profiling tools   Access jExperience
  Scoring plans  Access jExperience
  Dynamic segments Access jExperience
  Static lists Access jExperience
  Form mapping   Access jExperience
  Consent manager   Access jExperience

Permissions for jExperience features accessed from Page Composer

This table shows permissions required to access jExperience features available in Page Composer.

jExperience option Permission required
View Edit personalization button in the Page Composer menu       Add jExperience personalizations
View Edit AB Test button in the Page Composer menu Add jExperience AB Tests