About events

November 14, 2023

About Events 

Events represent different types of activities in your application. Each event has a timestamp and cannot be changed, it represents the history of activity in the system. Each event has a unique id, a type, and information about the session, scope and visitor.


Common Properties Available:

Property Description

Event Id (Data Pill)

  • Unique identifier for the event, text format.
Scope  (Data Pill)
  • Scope is the site or application in Jahia that was the source of the event.
  • Can be used to filter on site or application source
Event Type  (Data Pill)
  • The following event types are supported:
    • View, Login, Form Submitted
    • Goal reached, Session Created, Download
    • Search, Consent modification, A/B test selected
Session ID  (Data Pill)
  • Each event is created as part of a session.
  • The session ID can be used to lookup information in the session object using Get object by ID
Profile Id  (Data Pill)
  • Each event is created as a result of the interations of a visitor during a session.
  • Profile ID can be used to
    • add a profile to a list
    • lookup and compare current values in the Profile object with Get object by ID
Time stamp
  • Datetime of event


Specific Event Details

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