Managing profile properties

November 14, 2023

You create, edit and delete profile properties in the Profile Properties Manager. The layout of the cards controls the display of visitor profiles in Global>Audience>Profiles.



Properties are grouped by card. You edit name, move, and delete cards.

  • To edit a card name, click the edit button beside a card and provide a new name.
  • To move a card, select the double dash on the left and drag-and-drop it above or below other cards.
  • To delete the card, you first need to ensure that no property is left in it.

Creating a new property

You can add new properties to track in a card.

To create a new property:

  1. Click the Create new property button at the top right of the card where you want to create the property. 
  2. In Property ID and Property name, provide ID and name for the property.
    • Property ID
      ID of the property
    • Property name
      Displayed name of the property, used as a label
  3. Below Property ID, select one of the following types.
    • Boolean
      Can be set to TRUE or FALSE
    • Date
      Used for date properties
    • Email
      Used for date properties
    • Number
      To be used for number
    • Text
      Multivalue is allowed for text and allows one property to store several values (for example, preferred channels: email, phone, mail)
  4. Click Show options and provide any of the following optional settings.
    • Read only
      Sets the property to read-only in the profile page
    • Hidden from form mapping
      Makes the property available in form mapping UIs
    • Hidden in profile
      Hides the property in the profile page. This option can be used for technical properties. 
    • Personal identifier
      Tags the property as personal identifier so it can be used by "Anonymization" capabilities. Fully benefiting from this capability requires development, as described in Anonymizing a profile, in the Apache Unomi documentation
    • Display in profile summary
      Displays the property in the left pane in the profile page. You always see the value, regardless of what profile tab you are viewing. 
    • Is a long text
      Only available for text, the property displays on 5 lines in the profile page 
    • Autocomplete
      Only available for text, this option enables autocomplete for the property in the Condition Builder
    • Copy URL parameters to profile property
      This functionality applies only to "text" properties, and is available with jExperience 2.1 and higher. Use this option to enabling tracking of URL parameters. For more information, see Using URL parameters for segmentation and personalization.