A/B test selection

November 14, 2023

A/B test selection details 

An A/B test is a means for gathering data about visitor interactions with different content variants, it could be as simple as a random test to see if visitors are more likely to click on a button that is red or a button that is green.  A/B tests are defined in jExperience>Project>A/B tests and personalization.

The A/B test selection event will be populated when you have PUBLISHED content with at least one A/B test defined and a visitor has triggered the test causing one of the test variants to be displayed.

Properties Description
Source All information related to the page that contains the A/B test content.
A/B source language Language of the content (for translated content)
A/B source URL Unique identifier
A/B source page path Path of the page/screen in the CMS hierarchy
A/B source page name Name of the page/screen in the CMS
A/B referring URL The page/screen referring URL
A/B Test Goal Id The ID of the A/B test you created in jExperience,usually close to the name you have created.
A/B Test Variant Id The Id of the Variant that is displayed to the visitor.