DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.2 and DX V7.2.0.1

Underlying content platform:


  • Self populating replicated caches can have an individual expiration time
  • Upgrade to apache tika 2.0.1, removed PDFBox dependency since it's included by apache tika now
  • New attribute skip.aggregation is now available on views to disable the aggregation (also in Java API and template:module tag)
  • Driver upgrade of mysql driver to version 5.1.40
  • New entry in jahia.properties file available to configure ssh-host and ssh-port: karaf.remoteShell.port and karaf.remoteShell.host (removed the felix.gogo.shell.telnet.port)
  • New hazelcast port is enabled by default (default port number 7860). The port number can be configured in the digital-factory-config/jahia/jahia.node.properties file (cluster.hazelcast.bindPort)


  • Fixed bug with document viewer where empty popup appeared for guest user
  • Removed cache.latch option from Studio UI (still working for RCI V1 implementation)
  • Fix display of correct value for expiration time in tools - cache management
  • Maven: use "package" phase instead of "verify" for the check-dependencies to support mvn package on maven 3.0.3 and higher
  • Improved the robustness of the publication process when some published properties are written in a parallel JCR session
  • Upgraded ECJ compiler to 4.4.2 to solve issue with JSP compiler and inner class
  • Fixed bug leading to NPE on startup of cluster node when processing node is under heavy load
  • Removed some default tomcat directories to prevent security leak
  • Improved regexp cache dependency for calendar module

Digital Experience Manager:

Edit Mode

  • Changes in handling filtered lists - content of different type can be added but will not be displayed
  • Fix redirection on logout from edit and contribute mode - preserve active site instead of forwarding to start page
  • Fixed issue with JCRFilterTag when a node does not have the filtered property


  • Fixed handling of installing a new module where an active and used module was removed from modules folder before

Server and site settings

  • Avoid error when clicking on "upload module" without selecting any file


  • Search provider: added support to automatically switch the view for search results

External providers

  • Use password type to hide characters in password field of LDAP provider

User Dashboard

  • Fix bug, to show the correct value in the owner column of the tasks list


  • Improved handling or errorneous definitions.cnd file


  • Fixed display of expiration date in jahia tools cache management

Remote Publication

  • Added possibility to display additional debug log information for ReplayService

Module deployment

  • Module state information in the UI
  • Provide a refresh button in module details
  • Display info about package wiring in the UI
  • Usage of refresh/resolve for modules with several versions
  • Display error messages in the module state for started modules
  • Improved module handling deployed via modules folder
  • Introduced new module state "spring starting"
  • Provide module management scripts (in tools folder)
  • New module deployment and autostart behaviour. For detailed documentation please see chapter 3.8 Modules in the Configuration and Fine Tuning Guide


  • Fixed bug to correctly support inheritance on methods (in particular with @PathParam annotations on parameters)
  • Correctly support HTTP OPTIONS requests
  • Provide possibility to query the state of modules with REST calls
  • Support passing node names to delete in the "by-path" API as it is supported in the "by-id" API