DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022

From DX

This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.0.2 and DX V7.2.0.3

Digital Experience Manager

  • Fix for a performance issue on the authoring side which has been introduced in our last DX versions ( and Please note, that this performance decrease was only relevant in case of heavy contribution load (more than 300 concurrent editors). It did never affect in any way the browsing performance. 
  • Make the registration of FileInstall configuration more robust in case an existing one is not properly unregistered

From DX

This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.1.2.4 and DX V7.2.0.3

Underlying content platform

  • Make the registration of FileInstall configuration more robust in case an existing one is not properly unregistered
  • Fixed rules consequences "Set not existing property {property} of the {node} with the current time" and "Set not existing property {property} of the {node} with the name of the current user"
  • Correctly log node removed operations in "DX_HOME/tomcat/logs/jahia_access.log" during publication. Added node type information if available.
  • Fixed dependentProperties handling for DualListFields
  • Document Viewer updated to avoid an attempt to convert a document to SWF in case SWFTools path is empty
  • Provide .bat scripts to get module state and to execute deployment actions

Digital Experience Manager

Bootstrap 3

  • Corrected Bootstrap 3 pager in case the DX Web application is using non-ROOT context


  • Links to DX modes are no longer cached per user and log a warning when entire HTMLCache gets flushed due to a fragment eviction with huge dependency
  • Cache some settings in JCRSiteNode for better performance

DX configuration and settings

  • Fixed display of email and organization username in PrivateAppStore
  • Use jahia.property authorizedRedirectHosts also for action redirects to avoid unauthorized redirections
  • Introduced support for JVM system properties for HTTP and HTTPS proxies as well as bypass proxy configuration as described in https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/net/doc-files/net-properties.html
  • ErrorFileDumper will not dump errors on the file system as expected when the property dumpErrorsToFiles = false
  • Fixed startup errors when addAclUuidInIndex has been set to false in workspace.xml
  • Added functionality that detects installation folder relocation and updates file paths to avoid errors correspondingly on startup.
  • Introduced indexes for foreign keys in jBPM database tables for performance optimization of workflow-related operations (PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server)
  • Fixed handling of schema and port in the URLs of sitemap
  • Extended and improved the existing German translations
  • Add new JNI calls to send cut/copy event
  • Enable the usage of defaultSynchronizeNameWithTitle in jahia.properties

Edit engine

  • Fixed inconsistency with translation view in some cases
  • Publication Manager fixed to allow a user with start publication permissions to start publication workflow
  • Corrected small typo in German labels for workflow actions
  • Enable video streaming for Dailymotion (watt) when using https protocol
  • Correctly load translation view with translation provider activated
  • Take into consideration the useFullPublicationInfoInMainAreaModules value when calculating publication status of content in the main area of edit mode
  • Fixed language switcher which was ignoring invalid language settings for content
  • Add a thumbnail property on the page template and display it in the template dropdown list on the page creation form
  • Display thumbnails for page template in template choicelist edit engines for Digitall demo site


  • Fix "jcr:modifyProperties_LOCALE" permission when importing a site with inactive locales
  • Fixed issue on the import of user-generated content

External providers

  • Improved logging to provide more details about why LDAP user is not logged in (timeout, bad password)
  • Avoid languages constraints in external user provider queries
  • Fixed iterator which is retrieving group members, to continue iterating when a member has a no longer valid reference
  • Added support for a pre-defined (fixed) filter for LDAP users or/and groups provider


  • Formbuilder: send mail action is now working also with site users
  • Corrected captcha behavior in FormBuilder
  • Use a user picker instead of choicelist in Form Builder


  • Now link checker HTTP client supports JVM parameters for proxy servers


  • Switched to HTTPS protocol for the maps API used by the location module


  • Improved left panel loading in managers
  • Fixed an issue in file upload dialog (GWT Document Manager) when using "rename" option with an existing file name
  • Search terms for searches in DX Managers are now properly supporting exclamation mark
  • Content Manager fixed to avoid resetting properties to default values when editing multiple selected items simultaneously

Module deployment

  • Fix OSGI wiring issues between bundles (wirings was not refreshed after bundle update)
  • Prevent ConcurrentModificationException in some cases during cold deployment/undeployment of modules
  • Better handle when a refresh is needed by stopping manually the bundle, then update, refresh and restart it.
  • Improve file removal when uninstalling a bundle
  • Fixed concurrency issue during deployment/start of a new module versions

Remote publication

  • Fixed issue updating properties of a target remotely published site that caused next session of remote publication replay all events from the very beginning.


  • Enable the filtering of properties, versions, children and mixins in JSON representations
  • Improved RESTful API to query module states
  • New shell scripts to get local and clusterwide OSGI and DX states of modules
  • Prevent caching of GET responses by setting HTTP response headers


  • Fixed sorting of facet values when using a label renderer
  • New indexation rules available to exclude nodetypes from search-index (e.g. images, files)
  • Fixed issue on facet list for view tag cloud and javascript tag cloud where panel for removing items was lost on last facet level
  • The dynamic view for search results support was removed in favor of using standard view priority to achieve the same.

Server and site settings

  • Fixed small typo in the German label for a list of projects
  • Fixed typo in German label for group members limit
  • Users can see SiteSettings panel only when they have the siteSettingsSelector permission, the permission is set on Editor role by default
  • Correctly set the default site after the one has been removed (internal issue, side-effect of dev)
  • Add a new permission siteAdminNewsletter to protect newsletter management
  • Addressed security vulnerability that allows access to some DF / DX administration resources without requesting credentials
  • remove access-templates-filters module (now part of the product)


  • Support "multiple" attribute in definitions on double and long
  • Corrected module Maven archetype version which is used in Studio for creating new modules / template sets
  • Include fix to bndLib 2.3.0 to prevent infinite loop ( https://github.com/bndtools/bnd/pull/818 ) while compiling modules
  • Fixed issue with the creation of modules in Studio (issue with the version 3.0.0 of maven-archetype-plugin)


  • Remove a duplicate and irrelevant link to download a thread dump
  • Fixed regression with versions not being shown in the Tools / JCR Browser
  • Groovy console: added possibility to run predefined scripts
  • Added cluster state information (nodes and groups) for Hazelcast into Tools area
  • Introduced tool for viewing registered business rules, temporary disabling/enabling them for troubleshooting/debugging. Allow permanently disabling some business rules by configuration.
  • Added ability to export useful support information (including DX configuration files) as a ZIP file from DX Tools area
  • Added possibility to re-index just a subtree of the JCR repository from the Jahia Tools by specifying a node to start with and the target workspace

User Dashboard

  • Fixed regular expression for email validation in the user profile