DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.2.0 and DX V7.2.2.1

Underlying content platform

  • Secure JSON views
  • Secure HTML/Ajax views
  • JCRestAPI security - add protection for sensitive nodes
  • Secure sensitive information in modules
  • Allow Jahia Tools user to access the module management REST API
  • External provider : VFS - secure url (include passwords)
  • Secure password policy information
  • Secure access to /settings sub-nodes
  • New content view property: allowAjaxRendering (true by default) to allow or not ajax rendering for content
  • Use dedicated permission for restricted api access
  • Improve loading time for Anthracite Theme

Digital Experience Manager

Module deployment

  • Provide limited downtime module deployment REST endpoint/scripts
  • Updated permission checks for graphql