DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022

Spring bean modifications

  • Some Spring bean definitions have been modified in DX version. If you are using a custom application context, please consult the list of changes as you might need to update your configuration.

Synchronisation of OSGi configurations is disabled

  • In DX we have deactivated the cluster synchrosnisation of OSGi configurations (usually found under /digital-factory-data/karaf/etc ), as this mechanism can currently lead to inconsistencies. As a consequence, any modification in a OSGi configuration file need to be ported on all the other cluster nodes.

Digital Experience Manager - Changelog


  • Fixed handling of timers in custom workflows
  • Fixed handling of date fields in custom workflow forms

Edit Mode

  • Fixed issue when switching between search and browse views in managers / pickers
  • Fixed tooltip issue in edit mode language switcher
  • Fixed issue with unstable context menus
  • Improved the message display of the mandatory properties alert box when publishing nodes
  • Ensured empty fields in editor when using "Save and add new"
  • Fixed handling of date fields with 'format' picker option in CND, defined in a mixin type
  • Fixed duplicate subtemplates in TemplatesNodeChoizeListInitializer
  • Fixed issue in Edit engine when using hidden properties in extends mixin
  • Fixed issue where editor couldn't access the edit mode
  • Avoid error when using "copy to other languages" during translation

Module deployment

  • Added a cluster synchronization before installing a new module
  • Fixed issue when modules could be stopped during first cluster synchronisation
  • Fixed module deployment API exception on standalone server when the target is specified
  • Fixed issue with privileges in roles not updated when adding an external permission
  • Fixed issue when Spring application context failure is encountered
  • Changed log level when redeploying a bundle with Job not found exception
  • Fixed the resolution of bundle dependencies


  • [Search] Added the possibility to exclude a node with specific mixin type from search results
  • [Cluster] Deactivated synchronisation of OSGI configurations in cluster
  • Fixed issue with possibly writing stale objects into template cache
  • [Work in progress] Fixed work in progress issue on non i18n nodes
  • [SEO] Fixed Vanity url creation after publishing node
  • [CKEditor] Changed log level of the CKEditor validation message from error to warning
  • [Import/Export] Fixed issue in case of large query when exporting nodes by avoiding StackOverflow error
  • [Installer] Fixed pwd display when using command line installer
  • [Studio] Display nodetypes with same names in list restrictions choicelist
  • Added proper valve results to request for SSOValve

Anthracite Theme

  • Collapse system site settings by default in administration
  • UI Improvement on Metadata tab in the Edit engine
  • Keep page tree open, when pinned, after page reload
  • Added a border to the CKEditor dropdowns
  • Fixed layout issues in CKEditor menus
  • Fixed access to the site settings on Distant Publication servers
  • Fixed layout issue in background jobs UI
  • Added display of the application toolbar when the site settings page is open
  • Fixed search in edit mode issue
  • Fixed issue where area which was covered by left panel was sometimes not clickable
  • Fixed warning color on delete permanently in trash
  • Added Thumbnail and Details view in search panel of pickers
  • Added missing context menu icons
  • Fixed invisible column titles and table header width of background jobs
  • Fixed issue on left panel to avoid overlaying text on "Pages" tab
  • Added missing icon for external provider in managers tree view
  • Fixed license message in production mode
  • Fixed a sizing issue in the language switcher display in managers
  • Fixed default frame height
  • Fixed the display of column titles in pickers to be able to sort
  • Fixed publication status bar display
  • Fixed license message in production mode on Safari
  • Fixed icons inconsistency in contextual menus between CMM and managers/edit-mode
  • Fixed the scroll on content tab in case of a big subtree
  • Fixed selectors display issues

Modules - Changelog

Support tools - 2.1.8

GraphQL Core - 1.0.7

  • Added support into GraphQL API to retrieve constraints for property definition
  • Added export and import mechanisms

External Data Provider 3.1.8

External Provider Users and Groups - 1.1.4

  • Prevented NullPointerException when sever reconnects to LDAP

CKEditor - 4.7.1-jahia3

  • Fixed issue with div not allowed into a tags in ckEditor

Search - 7.2.6

  • Added i18n resources for the word "label" in advance search

Facets - 7.1.4

  • Fixed HTML structure issue when adding more than one Query Facet

Server Settings - 8.0.7

  • Minor UI improvements for the mail server settings admin panel
  • Fixed error message styling on site import validation screen

Remote Publication - 8.1.5

  • Exclude UGC from remote publication

Site Settings SEO - 1.0.3

  • Fixed Vanity settings panel on IE11

Wiki - 2.1.3

  • Enhanced CSS styles for the wiki
  • Made "Table of contents"-macro working in wiki articles
  • Handled https links as external links