DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
Digital Experience Manager has been retired and therefore is not available for download anymore.  
This document applies to production patches delivered between DX V7.2.3.2 and DX V7.2.3.3

Digital Experience Manager

Security: APIs are protected with token system in the security filter


  • Upgraded Apache Tika to version 1.20, which also upgrades PDFBox, Apache POI and Commons Compress to include latest security fixes.
  • Upgraded Apache Commons Compress to version 1.18 to include latest security fixes.
  • Upgraded Apache PDFBox to version 2.0.13 to include latest security fixes.
  • Upgraded Apache Commons FileUpload to the version 1.3.3 to include latest security fixes
  • Upgraded Apache POI to version 4.0.1 to include latest security fixes.


  • Support attachments for e-mails sent using DX MailService
  • Cache hashCode and toString values of immutable NodeId objects (Jackrabbit)
  • Use filename for downloaded file instead of technical name
  • Fixed issue with overridden mandatory properties
  • Fixed targetTag option for template:addResources
  • Stabilize template resolution
  • Cache compiled patterns in JSTL functions:matches()
  • Avoid NPE Error when displaying a page with bad HTML structure
  • Fixed improper shutdown on UNIX-based platforms when using a kill command
  • Updated placeholders to make labels visible with bootstrap 3 components
  • Fixed inconsistency of copy/pasted references after export/import
  • Fixed duplication issue in workflow notification emails
  • Improved unused versions checker performances
  • Fixed trailing slash issue in vanity URLs

Work In Progress

  • Restore behaviour of the wip.checkbox.checked flag for edit content engine


  • Avoid race conditions in caching of files, served by DX


  • Corrected French label for file upload


  • Trigger rules when removing visibility condition
  • Fixed visibility condition delete / publish related issues


  • Added possibility to exclude file references from search results when searching in site content
  • Added support for "did you mean" search suggestions on non-internationalized content (e.g. files)
  • Fixed {{pagePath}} JSP tag to allow multiple tags on a single page


  • Improved some publication status labels
  • Fix publication issue in specific cut and paste scenario

Remote Publication

  • Improved target DX instance label in remote publication settings


  • Fixed import validation related issues

Permission and Roles

  • Fixed check of privileged group membership when handling permissions updates in particular scenarios
  • Correctly update ACL when a role is deleted from admin console

Edit Mode

  • Order lists in edit engine alphabetically
  • Fixed grouping by status issue in background jobs window
  • Use server timezone in the edit engine

Module deployment

  • Remove the entry from FileInstall file of a module uninstalled via REST / UI


  • Prefill supertype field in Studio with jnt:content
  • Display nodetypes with same names in list restrictions choicelist
  • Prevent corruption of templates using references

Anthracite Theme

  • Fixed focus on content type selector field when adding new content
  • Fixed display of long names in import-popup
  • Improved consistency of action buttons in publication dashboard
  • Fixed refresh button in background jobs window
  • Fixed headlines in trash dashboard table
  • Fixed display of managers
  • Fixed width issue in workflow dashboard that was preventing remote publication
  • Fixed layout for background-jobs-information panel in Safari
  • Fixed drag and drop behaviour in edit mode
  • Changed "No" to lowercase letters in delete-confirmation popup
  • Fixed placement of publication status overlay in edit mode
  • Improved contrast for pager and padding between icon and labels
  • Fixed issue with menu sub-entries
  • Fixed missing icons and labels when opening managers from Studio
  • Fixed search in edit mode issue
  • Fixed issue where area which was covered by left panel was sometimes not clickable
  • Fixed display of multiple long or double fields in edit engine


The following modules have been updated in Digital Experience Manager

Support tools - 2.1.7

  • Improved tools for re-indexing JCR node sub-tree
  • Added possibility to enable automatic thread dump generation on high load (request count, JCR session count, ...)
  • Sort groovy scripts coming from modules in Jahia Tools Groovy Console alphabetically
  • Execute karaf commands from the tools
  • New database connection speed benchmark
  • Fixed the link to enable full-read-only mode in tools section

Site Settings - 7.2.7

  • Show correct message if a user already exists when creating user with csv file

CKEditor - 4.7.1-jahia2

  • Use correct language when opening picker from content editor

LDAP Connector - 3.1.5

  • Upgraded spring-data-commons to version 1.13.17.RELEASE to include latest security fixes

Rating - 2.0.5

  • Use average vote for ordering in the "Top rated" component

Module Manager - 1.1.7

  • Improved Module Management Rest API to provide info on all bundles and all versions. Documentation.

Remote publishing - 8.2.1

  • Internal improvements

Search - 7.2.5

  • Updated form to add the possibility to exclude file references from search results