DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.2.1 and DX V7.2.3.0

Underlying content platform

  • Provide DX hot-upgrade procedure
  • Reduced the number of calls to getNumberOfTasksForUser() when workflow task event happens to improve performance
  • Introduced global logging of GWT errors, which occur during the invocation of a target service method
  • Removed loginError query parameter after successful login
  • Fix concurrency issue within SourceControlManagement resulting in a NPE
  • Keep consistency of multiple fields order between default and live workspaces
  • Correctly handle "autocreated" and default values from definition under sub levels of node type children
  • Corrected rule condition "it is in {path}"
  • Pax Logging configuration (org.ops4j.pax.logging.cfg) is now synchronized with the log4j.xml configuration from DX core
  • Updated link in the DX installer to point to the up-to-date academy page with the application server specific installation instructions
  • Do not delete/create/schedule persisted jobs from non processing servers on startup/shutdown
  • Removed unused legacy entry /admin/
  • Do a cleanup of no longer installed module content (JCR) only on the processing server

Digital Experience Manager

Anthracite Theme

  • Fix overlap of warning icon in edit engine and make it nicer
  • Increase the width of forms' in edit engine labels
  • Addressed issues with Anthracite UI theme on Internet Explorer 11
  • Improved Safari support
  • Fix the display of multiple selected elements in the content picker
  • Fix scrollbar issue in publication dashboard
  • Fix versioning tab in edit engine
  • Fix visibility condition status icon
  • Add missing category icons in edit mode
  • Fix the background color issue when creating a vanity URL
  • Fixed the overlay of search button by time range field
  • Fix display of search results in the picker
  • Added the missing label for the PDF file picker
  • Add scrollbar to the left panel in edit mode
  • Add the missing clipboard info after copying a piece of content in edit mode
  • Fix the menu bar of the repository explorer
  • Fix pager in managers and edit engine pickers
  • Fix file picker conflicts in managers
  • Add back the edit option on site nodes in the site manager
  • Add splitter in repository explorer
  • Added missing options "View hidden nodes" and "View hidden Properties" in Repository Explorer
  • Fix overlay of the language selector in the site settings panel
  • Added missing check for updates button in module management screen
  • Fixed issue when going to edit mode from the studio without sites

Anthracite theme - Marketing Factory

  • Fix issue with Marketing Factory personalized tab
  • Resized inputs to add an interest value (MF)


  • Avoid the expiration of cache entries in HTMLDependenciesCache and HTMLREGEXPDependenciesCache while they are idling, but corresponding HTMLCache entries are accessed
  • Prevent NPE when displaying cache information in Tools for entries, which are already expired

Edit engine

  • Introduced a confirmation window for the "Copy to all languages" button in Edit engines
  • Fixed issue with checkboxes in edit engines on Safari
  • Allow pasting content and references in the same list


  • Make LazyPropertyIterator expect InvalidItemStateException during iteration


  • Allow non-root users with adminVirtualSites permission (on root JCR node) to perform an export of site content
  • Corrected issue with imports of assets for type "HTML"

External data provider

  • Fix inconsistent behavior with privileges handling
  • When retrieving lazy properties for external node, avoid calling setValue() which does internally a permission check

Full read-only mode

  • Introduced a way to check in the JSP views that we are currently in a read-only context
  • Prevent wiki modification when full read-only activated


  • Add mutations in the base API
  • DX GraphQL endpoint now supports W3C's CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) specification, which is a mechanism that enables cross-origin requests
  • Provide API for publication
  • Added child field on node
  • Add a field to get the current node in another workspace
  • Fix cache issue

Module deployment

  • Avoid race conditions with Spring application context refresh of a module in particular scenarios
  • Reduced contention when uninstalling a module by executing cleanup of corresponding JCR nodes as a background job (processing server only)
  • Correction in bundle version/modification-date check deciding whether nodetype definitions should be updated


  • Introduced a listener to check for removed live content and update the j:published flag in default in order to be able to re-publish the content
  • Fix auto publication of renamed category


  • Separator added for excerpt fragments in search results

Server/Site administration

  • Improve rendering of the confirmation popup when disabling a system module
  • Added missing language code icons for Maltese and Irish languages
  • Provided Google Material theme for the Site settings publication screen
  • Added labels for the j:serverNameAlias property of the virtual site node
  • Optimized search users JCR query on multiple providers


  • Introduced new "link template", a new kind of template that uses the same template name as an existing one and set parameters after a hash (to prevent reloading of a page)
  • Corrected registration of view files from sources of a module in Studio


  • Translated all user registration module labels to French, German, Italian

Vanity URL

  • Prevent setting of ambiguous vanity URL when used server name does not resolve to a site containing the vanity URL node


  • Introduced a check into FixApplier to remove custom jahia-*.jar patches before migration