DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.1.0 and DX V7.2.1.1

Underlying content platform

  • Fix applier now ensures the presence of digital-factory-config and digital-factory-data before running the update process
  • Introduced safe backup restore option for a copied or restored DX environment (for details please see section 2.6 Safe backup restore of our FAQ chapter in the fine tuning guide)
  • By default, the exported content in XML format is now downloaded as a file instead of opening as a new page in the browser. Note, please, that a new jahia property (jahia.export.downloadExportedXmlAsFile = false / true) was introduced which allows switching between the export to a new browser tab (as before) or to a new file.
  • Added support for plain OSGi bundle in the deployment of Jahia Packages
  • Jackson 2.9.0 is now available via OSGi feature/bundles from the DX
  • Added warning about using bundle actions from OSGi Web console in clustered mode
  • Add the possibility to add node types condition on SwitchModeActionItem (preview, edit, live GWT buttons)
  • Added documentation to configure a web server to secure websites powered by DX
  • Add a check for properties/nodes conflicts before registering in jackrabbit
  • Added apache-log4j-extras-1.2.17.jar into DX Web application to be able to use RollingFileAppender that solves the issue with log rolling over on Windows (for details about the correct configuration please see chapter 12.3 of the fine tuning guide)
  • Fixed issue with configuring external tools when running DX installer choosing production mode in an unattended way (using the command line with an auto-install file)
  • Made BundleUtils.unregister() more robust to prevent a NullPointerException in rare cases
  • Proper sub-types registration for a mixin node type after a module re-deployment
  • Small correction in site resolution in multi-site DX instance (site node is the main rending node in this case)
  • More advanced detection of current site key in the login area to avoid issues with site-user logins from /cms/login page
  • Startup behavior fixed to wait until all modules are started before purging unnecessary module data from JCR
  • Add the mixin jmix:comments to the comments in live
  • Do not list templates from inactive modules or not enabled on the site
  • Code improvement: avoid double call to calculate ACL entries when only one is necessary
  • Fixed edit mode UI compatibility with latest Chrome v61
  • Use AUTOCOMPLETE='new-password' for new password entry

Digital Experience Manager

Calendar module

  • Update calendar-fr.js to remove wrong settings loading

Edit engine

  • CKEditor has been upgraded to the version 4.7.1 for new DX installations only. For a migrated environment a manual update of the module is needed (the new version of CKEditor module is available from store.jahia.com)
  • Improved left panel loading in managers
  • Avoid error message when a user is deleting a content and doesn't have "Lock management" permission
  • Correct handling of empty values of non-internationalized properties
  • When deciding whether Paste action item should be displayed optional nodetype restriction set in JSP-tag was not considered
  • Make pagination in loading content history (edit engine UI) more robust
  • Corrected the check for the availability of the "Edit reference source" item in the context menu for a content in edit mode
  • Fix locale issue in Webflow transitions

Google Analytics

  • New action to publish nodes where one of the following mixin was added: wemgooglemix:experiment, wemgooglemix:variable

Google OAuth Connector module

  • Add a new license entry for Google OAuth Connector module


  • Prevent possible infinite loop when calling org.jahia.utils.TextUtils.replaceBoundedString

Remote publication

  • A new option implemented to ignore the publication history of remote publication configuration creation
  • Panel header label fixed when editing an existing remote publication configuration

Rest API

  • The behavior of the _info endpoint in case of non-existing bundle name provided as a parameter to Module Management REST API call to a standalone DX was fixed for consistency with the same call to a clustered DX


  • Prevent NullPointerException when Lucene indexes are corrupted
  • Limit the page path on anything under /sites/ in the results tag
  • Using "without term constraints", search only in the fulltext index field of the node or the file content and no longer in additional specific fields.
  • Prevent PathNotFoundException from JCRSortTag in rare cases
  • Added missing i18n label for the video file type in search module
  • Make hierarchical facets work also with single-valued properties
  • Handle gracefully uppercase and lowercase operands in CMIS searches
  • Prevent SQL/XPath injection in JahiaJCRSearchProvider

Server/Site Administration

  • New site settings in order to publish big sites
  • Roles ordering fixed in the roles and permissions administration UI
  • Allow adding members to a group directly from the group list
  • Improved and stabilized the Manage languages screen in the site administration UI
  • Improved "copy role with sub-roles" functionality to ensure role names are unique


  • Corrected the check for the availability of the "Edit reference source" item in the "Edit" menu of edit mode
  • Fix ordering of mixin properties to match the definition order

Vanity URL

  • Fixed vanity URL resolving, when URLs used query parameters