DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.3.0 and DX V7.2.3.1

Digital Experience Manager

Anthracite Theme

  • Improved contrasts in managers, translation engine, compare window, CKEditor and deletion window
  • Show icons in site and server settings
  • Added checksum into the URLs for JavaScript and CSS files to force the browser load the fresh version if it was updated
  • Fixed refresh after publication to show the correct icon for publication status
  • Fixed layout-issue when opening an image in preview
  • Highlight background job button when publication is in progress
  • Add a background when CKEditor is maximized
  • Document manager thumbnail view improvement
  • Change opacity on Save button when edited node is locked
  • Fixed input size in the advanced tab
  • Icons coming from a module in page-tree (edit mode) now shown correctly
  • Fixed issue with clicking twice on icon to open comparison view in Anthracite
  • Show left panel result tab even if search does not provide results
  • Fixed UI layout in publication start window
  • Fixed warning icon rendering in Server Administration
  • Fixed layout issue in image picker
  • Fixed shaking-issue of the main-panel in edit mode (limited to Chrome)
  • Added missing loading-feedback in managers
  • Fixed error indicator width in the translation engine
  • Fixed issue where left panel disappeared
  • Always display the filename in the file manager
  • Fixed issue with disappearing buttons when adding users/groups from large lists
  • Hide selectors in edit mode when required permission is not set
  • Fixed icon size issue in DX menu
  • Fixed issue with showing all options in DX menu after reloading page in contribute mode
  • Fixed search panel pager
  • Fixed resize of search input fields after submitting a search request in edit mode
  • Fixed time selector when creating visibility condition
  • Fixed issue when resizing file picker window


  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.12.4 and possibility to use jQuery 3.3.1 (by default on new installations)
  • Overwrite configuration files, supplied in modules on their deployment unless a special marker is present in the configuration file to avoid that overwrite
  • Add nashorn to OSGi bootdelegation to be able to use it in modules
  • Skip compressing already minified CSS/JavaScript asset files
  • An error is now displayed when using the "Delete permanently" option on a node already existing in live (a publication should be used in that case)
  • Improved exception handling in JCR node and property classes
  • Always log the exception when there is an error during rendering
  • More robust handling of cases where module bundle cannot be found in JCR
  • Fixed issue with duplicate OSGi configurations


  • Block URL redirect parameter that start by //
  • Protect Jahia Tools from Cross-Site Request Forgery
  • Restrict access via WebDAV to only allowed list of node types (sites, folders, files)


  • Add missing cache dependency on images in some views, to allow correct cache handling in case of visibility condition triggered
  • Optimized invalidation of ACL caches, related to calculation of fragment keys in front-end caches.


  • Force Hazelcast (responsible for clustered module operations) to bind to the configured network address instead of all network interfaces (
  • Properly flush all caches across cluster when using "Flush all" option

Module deployment

  • Prevent a module to start if a bundled business rules (Drools) fail to compile. Give clear feedback about the issue to the administrator in the UI.
  • Flush output caches on module start, if it has content import or views


  • Allow copy/paste when child node is "named" in the content definition of the parent node
  • Menu items from modules can be added into identified lists
  • Fixed issue with needFrameParsing edit mode configuration parameter and updates of browser URL bar value

Edit Mode

  • Fixed issue with "copy to all languages" on dynamic properties
  • Allows translation of a content when it is locked in a different language
  • Fixed HTML links rewriting (due to references) when links contain parameters
  • Support HTML 5 img attributes that contain urls (rewrite, references, etc. )


  • Allow edit of the "Valid display languages" property from the repository explorer
  • Corrected French label for file upload

Server/Site Administration

  • When disabling module on a site and choosing to purge content, which corresponds to the nodetypes of the module, remove the mixin node type from nodes, instead of removing nodes completely
  • Fixed label in Administration for web projects import
  • Show all available permissions when editing a role in the administration
  • Provide feedback when Web Project upload field contains an invalid path

Vanity URL dashboard

  • Correctly strip excessive slashes from the URL mapping string
  • Add menu labels in page picker
  • Changed label of filter field in Vanity URL dashboard to "Filter by mapping"

User Dashboard

  • Fixed issue with file/folder rename in My Dashboard
  • Improved detection of the preferred UI theme for the user in My Dashboard / My Settings


  • Return 404 error instead of 403 when reaching page hiddent by a visibilty condition

Work In Progress


  • Publication errors handling improved
  • Fixed inconsistent workflow task assignment when a role is granted at site level but revoked at some sub level


  • Search API: fixed query syntax for match type: no_exact_property_value
  • Search API: make search in node properties without general keyword term work
  • Do not index (full-text) fields of jmix:liveProperties mixin type as it contains only technical information
  • Fixed issue when searching with advanced search form in only one site
  • Added support in JCR SQL2 queries to have constraints on node type (jcr:primaryType) and mixin types (jcr:mixinTypes)
  • Fixed label display for two hierarchical facets

Modules with UGC

  • Disable XSS filtering on the Jahia comments form component (as it already does its own encoding)
  • Prevent rating modification when full read-only activated

External data provider

  • Allow file override on upload, when external repository does not support versioning 
  • getNodes() now returns newly added nodes
  • Allow * in nonExtendableMixins
  • Fixed i18n properties initialization on new nodes

Rest API


  • Dropped -XX:MaxPermSize JVM option which is no longer supported in JDK 8 from the setenv.sh/bat scripts