November 11, 2022

1.1 Introduction

Jahia Digital Experience Manager is a platform for managing a variety of digital initiatives in a productive and secure fashion. Initiatives such as building websites, mobile sites, intranets and portals, all of which can interact with visitors to deliver the best user experience possible.

1.2 What’s in this documentation?

This document is intended to give an overview of the various aspects of advanced installation, configuration and the fine-tuning of Digital Experience Manager v7.2.0 - Enterprise Distribution.

It is intended for system administrators and advanced users.

This guide is structured in the following way:

For the ease of reading, all previous product names have been updated in this document by Digital Experience Manager (DX) because it is the same product line. For better understanding DX 6.6 is referring to “Jahia 6.6”, the DX 7.0 – to “Digital Factory 7.0” and so on.

Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as mentioned on our website (http://www.jahia.com).