DX Release Notes

November 11, 2022
This document is a wrap up of the production patches delivered between DX V7.2.1.1 and DX V7.2.2.0

Underlying content platform

  • Dropped support for Java 7 and switched to Java 8 (as a minimal requirement) for DX
  • Switched to the latest released version of Tomcat 8.0.x (8.0.47)
  • Switched MySQL Connector/J driver to the latest one (5.1.44)
  • Updated PostgreSQL JDBC driver to the latest JDBC 4.2 one (Java 8+)
  • Prevent NPE when accessing a resource unavailable in Live
  • Slightly optimize the generation of the authentication cookie value ("remember me" feature of the login form) by using UUID with a predefined length
  • Provided an attribute "var" for the tag
  • Give the possibility to restrict the area to node types coming from other modules that are not in the dependency list of the template set
  • New CSS style "jahia-anthracite". A new parameter jahia.ui.theme has been added. The following values are available:
    • default: Same layout and theme as before.
    • jahia-anthracite: The CSS style of DX (including edit engine and administration) is changed to the new jahia-anthracite theme and the settings panels are switched to use a modern Google Material like CSS.
  • Optimize the algorithm for calculating ACL entries for a node and workflow definition lookup
  • Rules consequences using ";insert ({nodename});" after an "AddedNodeFact" have been fixed.
  • Handle cases when the parent of a node being removed is not readable because of validity checks (published
  • Stabilise context menu in the left side panel
  • Added jnt:navMenuText as a browsable/selectable element in pagePath search JSP tag.
  • Prevent ConcurrentModificationException when sending a newsletter on WebSphere
  • Update link to LDAP documentation
  • Override the version of the JDT compiler to use 4.6.3 to avoid the issue on WebSphere when running with JDK8
  • Switched SeoService logging back to DEBUG
  • Fix made to prevent unauthorized file upload
  • Corrected an issue on migration when modules have version format like 1.0.0-beta1
  • Corrected the issue with the cookie-based authentication valve ("remember me" feature of the login form) which happens under certain circumstances
  • Properly manage and store the cluster group and group membership information
  • Introduced support for MDC logging in modules
  • Prevent a race condition with cluster nodes not considered as members of "default" group (Hazelcast) after a restart
  • Correctly switch the state of publication only listeners in case of nested calls to publication service
  • Fix NPE when parentModule.getNodeTypes returns null on copy of content
  • Introduce node unpublished and translation un-/published rules
  • Fallback error page calculation fixed in case theme specific one does not exist
  • Prevent "Cannot check permission" on components in a cluster in rare cases
  • Prevent a race condition with unexpected bundle uninstallation in the cluster on server startup

Digital Experience Manager


  • Update documentation about cache invalidation/expiration
  • Fixed issue with caching of small files in /files servlet
  • Remove areaListResource request's attribute when no area identifier is used to generate a content from AggregateCacheFilter
  • FileServlet: Correctly invalidate file caches when an ACE entry is added/removed from an ACL node for a file

Channel preview

  • Now we use 2 tablets (Android / iPad) and 2 phones (Android / iPhone). New images added.

Edit engine

  • Added automatic redirect to a newly created page in Edit mode
  • Avoid constant refresh of the left panel due to content updates in the background.
    A new parameter "jahia.ui.refreshOnExternalModification" has been introduced (default value is true).
    When the jahia.property is set to "true" the behavior of the UI remains the same as before. A refresh is executed for each publication that ends.
    When the jahia.property is set to "false" the UI is not refreshed automatically, instead
    • a message in the bottom right of the screen appears and informs the user that there is updated content and
    • in the left panel, on page/content/files and category tab, the refresh button turns blue.
  • Change the color of page title when opening the contextual menu
  • Allow controlling the drag & drop behavior of content in the edit mode.
    A new parameter "jahia.ui.dragAndDrop" has been added. The following values are available:
    • "ENABLED (default)": the entire content is draggable. Same behavior as before.
    • "NO_DRAG_IN_EDIT_AREA": dragging in the main panel is disabled, content can still be dropped from the side panel.
    • "DRAG_ZONE_IN_EDIT_AREA": a drag zone is displayed at the top left of the module. Only clicking in this drag zone allows dragging the content.
    • "DISABLED": all the drag and drop is disabled.
  • Menu "Publication/Status" becomes a checkbox "Show publication status"
  • Fixed position of the info layer (publication/visibility/permission status) in edit mode on Chrome
  • UI issue fixed when starting/bypassing individual publication workflow
  • Fix scroll issue with Chrome 61+


  • Improved validation error reporting for imported content

External data provider

  • Fixed issue with mapping IDs of external nodes to internal UUIDs that might result in duplicate UUIDs


  • Provide a framework for developing GraphQL API and extensions. Documentation is available on Academy.
  • Provide a GraphQL base API

Module deployment

  • Properly invalidate template cache entries on other cluster nodes when the module gets re-deployed on one of the nodes
  • Files dropped into /imports folder are imported in background job now to correctly trigger all rules
  • Improve confirmation message when disabling a module from a site
  • Prevent NPE while compiling and deploying a module

Remote publication

  • Fixed failure updating last replay values when executing remote publication as non site admin user

Search and replace

  • Change the values of the nodetype field in the advanced search & replace
  • Improve search and replace module
  • Add permission to use the search and replace feature as an Editor

Server/Site Administration

  • Introduced support for multiple server names (aliases) for a site
  • New full read-only mode available
  • Improve publication conflict resolver for the special case when an auto-published child node (e.g. site) gets deleted while another one is added
  • Optimized modification operation on a site node in case of many site-level users
  • Made site key validation more robust. The dot ('.') is no longer a valid character for a site key.
  • Made validation of site import file


  • Fixed issue with sending module sources to an existing Git repository with an existing commit history
  • Corrected format of the repository.xml

URL rewriting/Vanity URL

  • Corrected rewriting of URLs with user nodes under the site (e.g. in the user registration module for password recovery)
  • Fixed the resolution of non-default vanity URL mapping for a node
  • Migrate Vanity URL query from XPath to JCR_SQL2